Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011


 Here is the current state of the chair at the time of this post. As you can see there is clearly a shortage of clamps in our studio so I had to improvise. The sides should be done gluing by tomorrow night and will be ready for its final sanding/finishing.

Finished Tables!

Came out beautifully.

More progress pictures

Here is everything slowly coming together and getting glued.

Process pictures

Here is a picture after all of the CNC'ing was finished. These are all pieces from the inner section of the chair just propped up against the wall so I could finally take a little test run to see if it was comfy. Twas comfy indeed.

Here is a short clip of me using the CNC machine at my school to cut all the plywood required to make the chair. It was an awesome process and got the chance to learn how to code and cut my files.

Pictured in the Getty Museum

Renders from first form